Where an MFA isn’t needed to understand, The Artist Project

The Toronto Artist Project:

  • It’s not snooty
  • There’s a variety of different art
  • You don’t have to have a background in art history, fine arts or design to understand what you are looking at
  • It’s quite affordable



Painting by: Michelle Tourikian

This is my third time at the fair, feeling pressed for time I navigated the show quite briskly, row by row, got to chat with the makers, taking photos, and bought a coke for $4.50.

It was interesting to note the differences in the art of this show and Art Toronto. Majority of the art in this show was 2D (either drawings or paintings), and predominantly representative. The pieces of ArtToronto are on more of an international scale (as opposed to Ontario and Canada only), and it is works shown by some of the art world’s leading galleries- demonstrating a more cutting edge, contemporary tone.

This past year of school has really opened my eyes to the world of contemporary art, leading me to continually ask myself why and in what ways will art continue to be made? I have also been able to solve for myself the perpetuating question, how/ why is that which I am viewing art? I think it’s important that people ask that question, and others like myself can hopefully explain the answers. I found this question didn’t arise too much in my head (at the artist project) maybe with this past year of schooling, the works shown or a combination of both.

I find there is a general aesthetic that arises with the photos I take, it seems I’m attracted to colour, have been and likely will always be! But there was one artist who I’d like to mention, Samantha Rodin (with that last name you have to become an artist). Had it been a few years ago I would’ve asked myself, how is this art? Where are the perfectly painted forms? Something I myself feel I am moving away from (the figurative) and trying to get in touch with more conceptually driven works, where the concept holds as much importance if not more, than the aesthetic value.

Her work was so beautiful, and she was extremely approachable in explaining her methods, she was once privy to using a lot of colour but had moved away from it, evidenced in her pieces. I’m fascinated by the ways artists and designers change their methods over time and the constant experimentation and use of different materials that occur within their practice.

 I hope to be exposed to a variety of mediums myself, before and even after I graduate, I find I want to move off the painted surface onto something more tangible, and 3D in space, not to say a canvas is not, perhaps sculptural is the word I’m looking for.

 Art: 8/10

Service 7/10 (expensive coke but this can’t be helped)



Mary McLorn Valle




Harry Agensky


Dana Filibert



Dana Filibert



Samantha Rodin



Samantha Rodin



Margaret Rankin



Sarah Hillock



Samantha Sandbrook



Antonio Caballero




Rebekah Zantingh



Randy Engelberg (this is the artist’s brother, had a nice chat with him)




Randy Engelberg




Robert Game




Alex Curci

















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